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We’ve brought towing to people in Dawsonville and the surrounding areas for more than six years now. In that time, we’ve formed good working relationships with many members of our community. Towing in Dawsonville has never been this honest and friendly. Family-oriented, we treat the people we serve just like family. We love meeting new people. Want to join our CRK family? Even if it’s an everyday pick-up and drop-off, CRK administers every tow with as much diligence and dedication as a midnight emergency recovery. This team is hard-working, honest and dependable. Our fleet is fully-equipped and well-maintained. We employ everything at our disposal to accomplish the mission at hand. No matter what you need, count on us to do what we must to help you.

603 Carlisle Rd Dawsonville, GA 30534

(706) 429-5611



Great Shop! I would highly recommend. They replace my catalytic converter and pipes, They did great work and were up front about everything. What more could you ask for? It's hard to find a company like this. I will do business again.

Super fair and trustworthy If you know the part you need, get it before hand, and have someone at K&C install it Only problem is the location is truly off the beaten path, but worth discovering
Miles C.

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